Public Art Gallery :​ Importance of interactive web presence

Art galleries are a space for visual art, what distinguishes them is the array of ownership collection. The look and feel of the website is an important element to entice the target audience to communicate in an efficient way.


Association for Public Art, Philadelphia


Forecast Public Art

These two examples show the importance of look and feel playing a key role in today’s dynamic surrounding. The website for Association for Public Art, Philadelphia has an experienced yet friendly approach. Their motto is to commission, preserve, interpret & promote public art. The movement and dynamic response in terms of navigation have an easy flow. It allows the target audience to explore different elements of the website. The color palette is clean and crisp with a layout that allows the user to get in-depth information of the article. What intrigued me the most is the style of communication having an interactive map with different subsections like Gallery and list rather than cluttering data.

In contrast to Forecast Public Art, they believe in connecting the energies and talents of artists with needs. Their website is uptight, old style and cluttered. The color choice is visually accessible and informative but lacks an interactive flow of communication in terms of navigation and layout. The page is largely dominated by article space than visual elements to entice the target audience. There is a need to balance the visual look and feel along with an easy flow of transition.