Alexandre Rochet is an Art director in Paris, France. His website clearly recognises that    UX and UI design represents simply a different type of communication. Designers speak to users with a visual syntax. The simplistic and minimal approach with playful transitions has the entire purpose of clean functional design but communicating it in the most efficient way. What companies are looking for are designers who can fully understand what they are trying to achieve and break it down in a new way and that’s what Alexandre Rochet portrays in his website.

In contrast to Jeremiah Shaw, a designer/artist that focuses on Branding, 3D illustrations and animation interface design. From interface design to branding, these pieces show an array of expertise that a client could feel confident about breaking a new ground.The key concept of communication in his website is ensuring that the client has a quick navigation to the portfolio.The clean organisation makes this an easy portfolio to explore.

The two portfolios have a different perspective that binds their own creative style of expertise. There is a strong lean towards Alexandre Rochet portfolio, it has a contemporary interactive flow in contrast to Jeremiah Shaw portfolio website that as easy organised flow of communication.


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