“Touch of Care”

People who are transgender, or gender non-conforming, come from all walks of life. Yet they are one of the most disadvantaged groups in society. Trans people routinely experience discrimination, harassment, and even violence because their gender identity or gender expression is different from their birth-assigned sex.

Vicks launched its #Touchofcare campaign in India with a challenge to redefine gender perspective. The campaign was created by Publicis Singapore, with the story told in the first person by an orphan Gayatri. It captures how Gauri, a transgender woman, cared for Gayatri amidst all odds.

The video is a beautiful brevity that touches millions of heart with a heartwarming touch that will surely make you cry.

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Drones: The New technology sweeping Globally





Over the last few years, the new technology industry has introduced us with an innovative aircraft known as Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). They are contributing to vast industrial sectors including telecommunications, weather forecast, maritime monitoring, transportation, search and rescue, and oil and gas exploration. It’s one of the most hyped industries on the rise making billions of dollars every year. Let’s take a look at some of the potential pros and cons.


  • Environment   –  Drones are operated on a single battery, it’s cheaper and low cost to maintain and thus its energy efficient. It helps in protecting the wildlife especially the endangered species through timely monitoring with an accuracy to pinpoint their locations and providing sustainable solutions in the agricultural sector. http://www.treehugger.com/gadgets/amazon-drones.html



  • Economy Growth & Success– Drones have played a key role in the commercial market especially the aerial transportation sector. Companies like Amazon, have started using Amazon prime air for delivering packages, serving as a low-cost delivery method. It will also soon be used to beat traffic and gaming sector. Click on the link for more information – http://www.edie.net/news/8/Drone-technology-environmental-sustainability-impact-for-the-UK/t




  •  Privacy  – The accuracy to find locations and capture images of its surrounding areas for safe landing acts as a looming threat to privacy. There are cases where the information violates reasonable expectations of privacy thus a requirement for privacy protection may need to be implemented.


  • Safety – The growing number of unregulated drones has caused a threat to the aviation industry. The collision of the drone could lead to problems causing aircraft engine failure to cyber crime activities by the terrorist.


  • Legal Issues – The FAA has yet to authorize the commercial use of drones. It has been adamant about keeping non-military drones out of the sky.

Public Art Gallery :​ Importance of interactive web presence

Art galleries are a space for visual art, what distinguishes them is the array of ownership collection. The look and feel of the website is an important element to entice the target audience to communicate in an efficient way.


Association for Public Art, Philadelphia


Forecast Public Art

These two examples show the importance of look and feel playing a key role in today’s dynamic surrounding. The website for Association for Public Art, Philadelphia has an experienced yet friendly approach. Their motto is to commission, preserve, interpret & promote public art. The movement and dynamic response in terms of navigation have an easy flow. It allows the target audience to explore different elements of the website. The color palette is clean and crisp with a layout that allows the user to get in-depth information of the article. What intrigued me the most is the style of communication having an interactive map with different subsections like Gallery and list rather than cluttering data.

In contrast to Forecast Public Art, they believe in connecting the energies and talents of artists with needs. Their website is uptight, old style and cluttered. The color choice is visually accessible and informative but lacks an interactive flow of communication in terms of navigation and layout. The page is largely dominated by article space than visual elements to entice the target audience. There is a need to balance the visual look and feel along with an easy flow of transition.

Portfolio Design










Alexandre Rochet is an Art director in Paris, France. His website clearly recognises that    UX and UI design represents simply a different type of communication. Designers speak to users with a visual syntax. The simplistic and minimal approach with playful transitions has the entire purpose of clean functional design but communicating it in the most efficient way. What companies are looking for are designers who can fully understand what they are trying to achieve and break it down in a new way and that’s what Alexandre Rochet portrays in his website.

In contrast to Jeremiah Shaw, a designer/artist that focuses on Branding, 3D illustrations and animation interface design. From interface design to branding, these pieces show an array of expertise that a client could feel confident about breaking a new ground.The key concept of communication in his website is ensuring that the client has a quick navigation to the portfolio.The clean organisation makes this an easy portfolio to explore.

The two portfolios have a different perspective that binds their own creative style of expertise. There is a strong lean towards Alexandre Rochet portfolio, it has a contemporary interactive flow in contrast to Jeremiah Shaw portfolio website that as easy organised flow of communication.